services & treatments

Image by Tengyart


Balayage Partial - $85

 designed to make your hair look stunning

Balayage Half Head - $150

 creative and fun look

Balayage Full Head - $220

 very immersive highlight effect

Color Refresh - $95

refresh the color and make it impressive once again

Color Correction - upon consult

 we recommend you to contact us quickly

Air touch Balayage - $250

 the AirTouch technique uses air


hair styling

Shampoo & Blowdry- $50

Sometimes you need a simpler approach

Shampoo & Cut - $45

keep your style amazing and unique

Shampoo, Cut & Blowdry - $95 

we shampoo and cut your hair, and then we style it

Updo / Upsweep - $95

 express yourself in a fun and different way

Curling Iron addon - $15

keep your hair in place


Dreamcatchers Hair Extensions/wigs.

(upon consultation)

Image by Ali Kircchinbauer


Blowdry with Extensions - $65

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Coloring Extensions  - $130 - $250

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Extensions Service  - $110 per hour

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Dreamcatchers Hair Extensions  - $450

tape-ins three bundles

Full Head Extensions 6 bundles  - $700

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Full Head Extensions service with Color / Style /  Treatment / Instalation - $1400

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Partial Keratin treatment - $45

 designed to help you keep a very shiny

Keratin treatment  - $250

 Hairline Only

Organic Keratin treatment - $350

 It’s safer, easier and natural

Perm treatment - $175

 quick perm for any event

Smoothing treatment- $120

 every type of hair needs some form of smoothing

Japanese relaxer - $450

 it’s effortless to customize and it gives you a great new look 

Image by Eugene Chystiakov